ARC+ Classic


A comprehensive software

Today, it is often necessary to use several software solutions to cover all phases of a project. From the 3D textured sketch for selling a project to the plans to the standards of the production stage, ARC + fulfills all your needs.

ARC + is a historic software created by architects for architects. Its unparalleled ergonomics respects everyone’s freedom of modeling. Find your way and customize the use of each of the proposed tools.

A simple and efficient 2D

Nowadays 3D is a “must” in terms of modelling. Indeed, only 3D enables the use of new CAD modules such as rendering and BIM communication modules. However, in a project life cycle, it is sometimes faster, clearer, and more effective to model in 2D to show some details for example. ARC + offers a range of 2D tools (lines/arcs/circles/ellipses/rectangles).

An intuitive and powerful 3D

From the outset, ARC + has always offered powerful 3D tools. Their ease of use allows you to create unlimitedly. By using the different 3D entities (cube/prism/sphere etc …) and the editing tools (Boolean operation), it is possible to model any volume quickly. The use of construction lines, invisible in production, greatly eases the editing process.

Do not be afraid of the 3D anymore, it is 100% integrated into ARC +!

The architectural entities

ARC + provides access to a range of architectural entities. Do not waste time modeling walls/openings/stairs/roofs/slabs etc … modules are made available to assist you in the creation process.

Library of architectural 3D objects + Unlimited modeling Space = “the freedom of design”.

The 2D / 3D connected system

Move from a 2D representation to a 3D representation in one click. 2D and 3D are directly connected in ARC +; each object has a 2D and 3D profile.

Producing shop drawings

A layout mode (DSG) allows you to create layouts by placing your drawings to scale onto it.

Generate the project’s facades 2D drawings from the 3D model with one click!


ARC + is compatible with most CAD formats on the market.

Import files :

– DWG / DXF / SVG / SKP / 3DS



Export to DWG / IFC formats

An integrated 3D rendering engine

The rendering engine offered by ARC + uses the resources of your graphics card. The edition becomes efficient and fast.

Add to this a comprehensive materials library (+ 800 categorized materials), created presets for you, and a clear working interface.

Generate from the rendering 2D vector images to be able to place in your production documents plans that are dimensioned annotated and TEXTURED!

ARC+ Infinite Render House with swimming pool

ARC+ For over 3 decades develops software solutions serving architects, designers, and building professionals.

ARC + offers architects and other building professionals a simple and ergonomic way to move from idea to reality while respecting everyone’s creative spirit, “The Freedom of Design.” With an interactive and efficient 2D / 3D modeler, it is possible to model any geometry or use the existing architectural modules to create stairs, walls, windows, etc…  ARC + does not stop there as it offers a range of fully integrated add-ons. A 3D rendering engine allows you to sell your project by generating, among others, photorealistic images.  An editing and project structure management module allows you to display areas, perimeters, and other quantitative data to communicate them to the client directly from your production documents. The construction industry is changing, ARC + too. Now BIM ensures its compatibility with the new IFC 2×3 and 4 communication format and proposes editing modules for your project’s BIM parameters, ARC + is no longer just a simple 2D / 3D modeler.  Now the market requires better communication between the different project’s actors. Join the BIM experience and get added value to your project by integrating these parameters.  The work process remains the same. ARC + allows you to keep your working method and to add these additional attributes to communicate them then. Created by architects in the service of architects, ARC + makes a point to respect each innovative and creative mind by offering design freedom unmatched. With ARC +, you can now become more productive by using tools and functions that are always more performing while keeping your development freedom and methods

Why ARC+ ?

ARC + offers a simple and ergonomic interface allowing a quick start. CAD software are not always adjusted to the interior design profession etc.. because they too often focus on the modelling stage.
ARC + is a 3D modelling software but it does not stop there. Indeed ARC + offers a range of functionalities that are useful in other applications.

Modelling and construction lines:The ARC + modelling space is customizable. Bring up the tools that are useful to you and hide the rest of the interface.
3D modelling is not an easy task. Therefore ARC + offers a system of invisible construction lines helping you to create intersection or attachment points, or simply to place reference points.
The ARC + objects have two representations: 2D and 3D. By changing the representation mode (2D / 3D) the representation of the project changes. This is useful for the final production documents.Import
ARC + allows you to import most formats used in CAD. DWG, DXF for 2D drawings and SKP 3DS to import complex geometries to arrange your interior scenes with your own library objects.Render in ARC+
After 2D drawings and steps to import architectural or decorative objects, quickly perform the rendering of the project through the new interface offered by   ARC +. The ARC + rendering being external, it is always possible to work on the project and visualize changes in real-time.
This new rendering interface provides access to interior lightings, background modification system, 2D and 3D navigation, comprehensive and textured materials library, presets for production.Interoperability 
Do not look for several software solutions as interoperability problems often can slow down your production time. Using one software to model, another for space arrangement, another to render the project is a solution, using an all-in-one software where you get each feature built-in is another. ARC + is a comprehensive software containing dedicated modules to each stage of a project production.
Moreover, ARC + BIM now allow you to communicate your projects to any interested party. The IFC 2×2 3 4(64bits) import and export are supported.Designer users…

ARC+ : Model / Quantify / CommunicateARC + offers a complete 2D and 3D modelling space. Both modes are connected; each entity can have 2D or 3D representation, or both.Use the invisible construction lines when producing to display intersection points or simply create reference points in the workspace.Switch freely between different representation modes (wireframe / solid) and views (axonometric / 2D drawings).Choose the project’s geometric representation mode (parallel / perspective modes).Get access to the various commands either from the contextual menu or from the toolbars or from the macros themselves.An area manager allows you to edit the areas and other quantifiable project’s data such as volumes, perimeters, floor space etc…ARC + is a communicating software. It incorporates the latest BIM technology. Supports the IFC export and import.Moreover ARC + is able to import many CAD formats. (DWG / DXF / PDF / DOCX / DOC / SKP / IFC 2×2 2×3 4 / 3DS …)A quick access to commands / A powerful 2D / 3D modeller / An integrated rendering as an aid to modelling / A units and accuracy management system.
Enginers users…