Sketch Symbols

Since ARC+ 2009 Edition, users have had access to an exceptional library of graphical symbols that are both easy to access and use.

Containing over 2,000 objects and boasting more than 300 textures for embellishing ground, gardens, and facades within drawings, all in the native ARC+ format.

Enhance your graphic communication, elevate your plan presentations, and swiftly organize your board presentations within minutes.

This library empowers you to craft new presentation styles while maintaining harmony within the internal and external spaces of your projects.

Bring your projects to life!

The ARC+ Sketch Symbols library is meticulously organized into categories and presentation styles, ensuring ease of navigation for users.

Objects are available in both image and vector formats, suitable for any view within your plans.

The folder structure aligns seamlessly with users’ workflow habits, facilitating efficient usage.

Simply drag and drop objects and materials directly into your drawings.

  • Interior objects include sanitary items, furniture, and decorative elements, while exterior objects encompass trees, plants, garden furniture, vehicles, and characters.
  • Materials for both internal and external spaces such as flooring, paving stones, lawn, pavement, and bricks are readily available.
  • Easily place furniture and equipment, control display priorities for decorative elements, define wall fills, and insert scanned pictures from your project site.
  • Enhance your presentations with high-quality TrueType Font (TTF) texts.

Materials provided are in real dimensions and high resolution, ensuring easy integration into projects for a high-quality, cohesive render with a personal touch.

With your project completed from A to Z using ARC+, it’s now ready for communication.

Furthermore, ARC+ integrates additional image processing tools within its interface, streamlining tasks and enhancing the quality of rendering projects.

Benefit from powerful editing tools that enable modification of pictures and materials, with 100% of image processing capabilities accessible directly within ARC+.